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Brian Raymond

Photography Services in New Jersey and nearby areas
About me

To be in Brian’s presence is to feel his sincerity. His poised and caring demeanor translates into someone you want to be around, both on a personal and a professional level. Brian has a unique ability to listen and hear everyone, whether they’re speaking or not.

He takes it all in. This serves him well as he lives out his passion for photography. Brian captures the emotions behind the moment in his photos, and you’ll relive those feelings forever.

He cares, and his work reflects that. He’s a man of integrity and values. Customer service is taken to heart with Brian. He’s a people person. He’s genuinely happiest when pleasing people. His enthusiasm and positivity is contagious and encouraging. His humble confidence will comfort you at your large event and your intimate setting.

Brian is a family man. His wife and precious son are his world. He’s great with children and sees the beauty in life and its challenges. There are no obstacles with Brian, only opportunities.

Brian was born in Philadelphia and grew up in South Jersey. He loves food and enjoys different cuisines and cultures. Brian is experienced in various types of photography and truly has a unique eye. He takes pride in utilizing the latest techniques and equipment.

Brian’s compassion for others, paired with his passion for what he does, is his recipe for success. He will respectfully capture your moments and preserve your priceless memories. In addition, he will be humbly grateful for the invitation to have shared your journey with you.

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